Daily weather affects our lives. Would the rain this weekend affect our home renovation? How will the runners in our local race event cope with the expected humid conditions? When is the perfect day for an outside wedding ceremony?

Appropriately, our actions affect our climate. Shall I take public transportation today? Maybe I should consider getting the new hybrid car model? How about we simply upgrade our thermostat using new technology and switch to LED bulbs?

​TorontoForecast.com strives to educate the public about initiatives we could participate in to reduce our carbon footprint and be engaged environmental citizens.
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Toronto has a humid continental climate (Köppen: Dfa) and it is known for its warm, humid summers and cold winters. Within its political borders, the unique topography of the city in addition to the pervasive effects of the urban heat island create pronounced microclimate zones resulting in varying local weather conditions.

The mission of TorontoForecast.com is to curate the story of the local weather in Toronto.

Weather is local.  Local weather is where you are and not just confined at what's observed at the airport.

Access the same computer models meteorologists study in formulating short-term and long-term weather forecasts
Monitor real-time weather observations including UV index, solar radiation and evapotranspiration readings.

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New section:2017 Weather Highlights. It lists extreme weather events including hottest, coldest and wettest days from all 5 weather stations in the city. It also provides link to the list of all weather warnings issued and # of days with new records set in 2017.
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The September weather summary is now available. The warmest day was on 25th with high of 30.9 deg. C at Lakeshore. The October weather almanac including record highs and lows is in the Past Weather page. 

Explore climatological averages and extremes from Environment Canada's official weather stations and also from local amateur weather observers.

Past Weather


Click here to view current live weather readings from Toronto Lakeshore Long Branch weather station (FW0888)

Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Weather is local. 

Explore the climate and weather of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2017 Highlights